Working Feet 

Working feet, that’s what I have. Very hard working feet that haul my wide ass load from one kitchen bench to another, from hob to oven and back again! 

These are the very feet that have trodden on the floor boards in museums, galleries, historic royal palaces, private homes, grand venues and many many offices in London and the South East.

These feet have held the clutch in working vans and delivered many events including weddings, christenings, funerals, birthdays and just because parties!

I am used to being on my feet, it’s just what I do!

But at the end of September, on a sunny morning, in broad day light, with nothing in my hand and flat shoes on, I went to cross the road, mis placed my footing and broke my leg! I can’t believe it! 

You will still see me around though, as being desk bound really isn’t as much fun as I thought it would be, and ‘putting my feet up’ really isn’t what I am used to.

Do not be alarmed. The doc said it was ok as long as I am not in pain – I am milking it though when I would like a cup of tea or glass of wine (and I am not in pain but apparently, I am being one)!