When Mika & Paul Didn't Get Married...

Like so many couples Mika & Paul’s wedding day, set for 20th June 2020 has been postponed to next year due to the COVID19 Pandemic, but they didn’t want to let the day go unmarked. They decided to book one our of special Afternoon Teas and take it up to the Horniman Museum as a picnic. They both dressed for the occassion  and Mika ordered flowers from Pesh, who will also be supplying the flowers for their wedding day.

We slipped a mini ‘wedding cake’ into their Afternoon Tea order as a surprise, and were delighted to hear that they “both held the knife like a proper married couple” when they cut it.

The day became even more special when they discovered that one of the Horniman Museum’s resident artists (Ansuman Bisman) was preparing an art installation in the gardens that day to commemorate the exit from lockdown, and our new beginnings, with a Solstice ritual.

He was putting together a time capsule which will be buried under an oak tree in the gardens. Mika & Paul were able to contribute a Polaroid photograph of themselves, along with a sprig of flowers from Mika’s hair and one of the Suzanne James stickers from the picnic basket on the back of the photos to be placed in the time capsule!

The oak tree will be in the field behind the Bandstand, and when Mika & Paul do finally wed next year they will be able to have a photograph taken with the tree. We hope that in future years they will be able to return again and again to celebrate their anniversary with a picnic, in the shade of the tree, which has a very special memory hidden amongst its roots.

The week after their visit we received this lovely email from Mika;

“I wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for the lovely picnic on Saturday. It would have been our wedding with your team at the Horniman Conservatory, and even though the day was not as planned, we had a lovely day in the Horniman Museum gardens enjoying your picnic, the sun and some good books instead. I attach some photos of our day to say thanks.

We loved the picnic. I especially loved the peanut butter blondie and the cake you made really touched us! We even both held the knife like a proper married couple when we cut it.

It was odd seeing the conservatory completely empty with all the chairs and tables pulled up, and thinking that it should have been filled with our friends and family, laughter, music and delicious food, but I am sure that the day that should have been will ultimately pale in comparison to the day that will be.

So thanks again for making it special even though it was not as originally planned, and thanks as always for being so helpful and accommodating with rebooking everything. I hope your exit from lockdown is smooth and productive.”

Thank you so much Mika & Paul for supporting us through lockdown with the Afternoon Tea order, for sending such a lovely email and photographs afterwards and most of all for allowing us to share your story with everyone in blog form. We can’t wait to help your day finally happen in 2021.

This year has been so hard for us all, but stories like this really do lift the spirits and we hope it will put as big a smile on your faces as it did ours!

You can read more about Ansuman Bisman – Also known as the Time Sculptor here on the Horniman Museum’s Website.