When is a quote not a quote?

A New Day
A New Dawn
A New Decade and we’re feeling Goooooooood!

Thank you for all your amazing support in 2019.

An experience over Christmas got me thinking, and led to this blog……

I needed to buy a new washing machine and my priorities were;

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Drum size
  3. Cost

And just when I thought I had the very best deal around I pressed the buy button to suddenly find I then had to add on:

  1. Delivery Charge
  2. Unwrapping charge (what is that?)
  3. Fitting charge
  4. Removal of my old machine charge!

None of this was explained to me at the start of the comparison process but all of it was available at the end when I was about to pay.  I guess my lesson was if it looks too good to be true then……!

This experience led me to think about when there is a choice to be made, what makes us decide on one supplier over another?

Not everyone quotes like we do, and I want to explain why;

We ensure that our clients are offered the full, realistic costs right from the very start. It may mean we lose some business, but we also know it means we are not stringing anyone along, or putting them into a stressful position later, when their budget can’t cover their ideals.

I have to say that as soon as many clients realise that they, like me, have been misled by initial quotations, they return to us to open discussions again.

So, if you have thought about contacting us but have heard we could be pricey then get in touch anyway.  What’s to lose?  Whilst it may seem that our pricing is above average first, you will sleep well knowing that we do not start to add on costs as we near your date. Should your requirements change, whether that be guest numbers, menu or styling we will discuss the implications of these changes with you and then return an updated quote which allows you to keep abreast of your budget at every stage.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!