When dreams become reality...

Carols are playing in the background and I am busy adjusting baubles on the tree, a perfectly prepared G&T is waiting for me on the coffee table and the open fire is burning nicely….this all seems far too good to be true, and of course it was! I woke up from a dream of epic proportion and reality hit home! In actual fact I had a few more monster days to get through at work and then I would be off on a Christmas vacation which would take me and my family to Thailand – a country that we have been meaning to visit for many years but just not had the opportunity!

(I am delighted to say that we made it, and you can read about our travels in my previous blog).

Now I am back and we have most definitely hit the ground running. There is nothing better than returning to work after the holidays knowing that before we closed our doors for Christmas the freezers were defrosted, every surface cleaned down, including under the sink, and desks tidied!  It means that we can turn around the many enquiries we receive over the holidays from both our corporate & private clients quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking at a venue (or venues) then please do speak to us before you speak to them as we are able to secure some incredible deals when it comes to the venue even if you do not see us on the caterers list. This means we are often able to make a clients’ dreams a reality by negotiating on their behalf and bringing their event in on budget as a result.

Our venue list is not limited to just the venues where we are featured, we can also take clients to a venue so nothing is off limits!  This can save you time, money and effort as with our knowledge and experience we can help you to narrow down your choices quickly and efficiently.

Of course, you might be wondering what it is that we offer that is so different?

If you take a read over our blogs then you will start to get to know us, and to understand that what we offer is so much more than just a catering service. We really do care about your event whether corporate, private party, a “micro” or even a grand scale wedding, for us size really doesn’t matter, we just want to see it all perfectly planned for you and ensure you have the best possible experience from start to finish.

Please do get in touch as we would love to listen to your plans and make them a reality.

email : Info@suzannejames.co.uk