What would I tell my younger self?

Enjoy every moment, for sure. This is not an easy industry to be in and back in the 80’s it was even tougher. Never-the-less I stuck with it and have enjoyed pretty much every minute (give or take of course!).

These photos were taken at my first chef job when I was 19 and even then I was a leader…or just bossy. I’m not sure, you can decide! I am in the centre of the photo because I was leading the team of chefs standing around me!

I had a little flyer sent to me from someone who became a friend a few years ago when our children were in the same class at school. She said she thought she recognised me. Turns out I catered her wedding and the photos were part of the wedding brochure that she was given and subsequently kept in her wedding memories box!

Very kind of her to give it to me after all these years. 👰🤵

What would you tell your younger self?