Wedding Food Trends

When it comes to weddings, one of the most positive shifts in recent times has been seeing couples get creative with the menu for their big day.  Sticking with traditon is not longer de rigour, and we love it when we get asked to serve up something a bit different.

Here is a list of some of the most popular requests we receive:

Fusion Menus

We are often asked if we can incorporate elements from different cultures into a menu and the answer is always yes! Our chefs are magicians when it comes to this type of thing and it is really incredible what they are able to do. The most extreme example of this was when we were asked for a Nigerian, Thai fusion menu – did we manage it? Of course!

Menus Inspired by Ingredients

We once had a groom who was a tea importer, and we were asked to incorporate teas (from his plantation) into the menu. It sounds daunting, but once again the chefs came to the rescue and created an amazing, tea infused dessert!

What else?  We’ve caterered for a wedding where a large contingent of the family were diabetics and had to be fed regularly and in the right way to keep sugar levels balanced, and of course we have served 100% vegetarian or vegan weddings, we were once asked to serve a fruit wedding cake with cheese in the evening; it’s a Yorkshire thing apparantly!

Sharing Boards

This has become a really popular option over the past few years.  It certainly gets your guests interacting, but there are downsides to it – wine glasses are more likely to be knoocked over, the meal tends to take longer overall, and hiring all the extra boards and platters can really add to your costs so do give this option some thought.

Wedding Brunch?

More Ponzu Salmon and pomegranate? Yes please, early afternoon wedding parties are now saying goodbye to a formal sit down and hello to a brunch styled party. 

Whilst we’re not quite at serving accai bowls yet. Avocado, pastries and brunch type canapés are all part of this new trend! 

Cocktail Party?

With more and more couples deciding to tie the know abroad a wedding party back in the UK is becoming more and more common, and a shorter event, with less food can leave a lovely budget for some fun cocktails! 

Here are our top 5 party cocktails:

Espresso martinis

Pisco sours

Whisky Sours


Cardamon and Ginger