We must all take Responsibility for Sustainability…

When Victoria Beckham recently announced these words in the press I am sure she would have heard me squeal with excitement!

‘The Fashion Industry has a lot of catching up to do’ she said, which was music to my ears.

We work a lot within the fashion industry and have A-list clients including Chanel, Pringle and Camper, all of whom choose to take us up on our invitation to help make their event carbon neutral by having a meat free menu, using English wines and planting British Broad Leaf trees in their name to offset carbon emissions. These companies also support us when we buy from independent family run businesses (like ourselves) and actively encourage our mission to employ and train young people in the industry in the roles of both chefs and front of house staff.

Our menus are so seasonal that we update them on a monthly basis for our regular clients and have recently even produced a dinner using the first ever crop of commercially grown British chick peas!

So, when you hear on the news that it is British Fashion Week, think not just about the sustainability of the beautiful clothing on the cat walks but also about the back of house where there is a team of event professionals working for Suzanne James to bring VIP (Very Important Planet) Sustainable Food and Drinks to the select guests.

Maybe we should lay down a perfectly coutured gauntlet to the many other designers and fashion houses and suggest they book us as London’s most sustainable catering company,, after all booking us ‘will not cost the earth’!

I wonder if we will be hearing from Victoria Beckham?