Westminster Abbey, SW1P

Westminster Abbey

For 1000 years, the Abbey has hosted a fantastic variety of events; the crowning of kings and queens, weddings, christenings and proclamations were all held within this magnificent building.

Today, you too can experience the tantalising prospect of celebrating your event in a location steeped in history and complete with 21st century ambience.

Hire can include a private tour of the Abbey for your guests as part of the package.

Spaces Available:

The East Cloister is available in the summer months for receptions for 200 people and dinners for up to 80 guests.

The Cloisters sit adjacent to the Nave of Westminster Abbey and offer spectacular views across the Garth.

The present Cloisters were begun in the thirteenth century, when Henry III’s church was being built; and they were finished in the late fourteenth century.  Treat your guests to an atmospheric event in this open space during the warmer months.

East Cloister only

200 for a drinks reception
80 for dinner

East and North Cloister

400 for a drinks reception
160 for dinner

East Cloister and Chapter House

320 for a drinks reception

The 13th century Chapter House, with its medieval tiled floor, is one of the largest and most impressive in Britain and is now available to hire for inspiring receptions.

The vestibule houses the oldest door in Britain, dating back to the 1050s. The Chapter House was also the place where Parliament met in the 14th century before transferring to the Palace of Westminster.

The Chapter House can accommodate 120 for a drinks reception

Dating back to the 14th century, the Cellarium was used by the monks to store their food and drink.

Today, your guests can enjoy a taste of Benedictine hospitality in this medieval undercroft. With its stunning vaulted ceiling and warm ambiance, the Cellarium is the perfect evening venue.

120 for a drinks reception
80 for a dinner (cabaret)
52 for a dinner (banquet)

The Cellarium Terrace showcases a stunning blend of past and present architecture.

The Terrace offers fantastic views of the Abbey’s West Towers and access to an exclusive outside area.

60 for a drinks reception
40 for a dinner

Capacities Various spaces please see to the left.
Bar Yes
Garden Yes
Stage Can be hired
Dinner Up to 160
Reception Up to 400
Licensed for civil ceremonies? No

Standing over the entrance to the Cloisters of Westminster Abbey, Cheyneygates is an enchanting space. It was once leased to Elizabeth Woodville and was the birthplace of her son Edward V.

A portrait of HM The Queen commissioned for her Jubilee and painted by Ralph Heimans currently adorns the wall. This historic chamber provides the perfect setting for a breakfast meeting, business lunch, evening reception or dinner.

60 for a drinks reception
36 for a dinner

The 900 year old College Garden is believed to be the longest continually cultivated garden in England.

Offering magnificent views of the Abbey and the Victoria Tower, part of the Palace of Westminster, College Garden is an idyllic space for a reception, dinner, lunch or daytime business conference.

In June and July a stylish marquee with a decked porch area, and glass front and sides, is provided. Outside of these months a marquee can be arranged to accommodate your event.

Summer Season
Up to 1000 for a drinks reception
240 for dinner

Outside the Summer Season upon request
1000 guests