UK Heatwave may mean Fish but no Chips for a while.....

This week we have received important news from our UK farmers which we want to share this with you.

The unusually high temperatures have caused many of our UK crops to stop growing. Top of the list of affected produce are our beloved spuds.  I had no idea until now, but potatoes go dormant when temperatures exceed 25 degrees (well to be honest, who doesn’t?) and that coupled with the low levels of rain means that our farmers are struggling to meet demands and we may see shortages in supply or rising prices.

But please don’t panic buy.  Just rethink your menu planning.  If possible replace potatoes for rice or another grain like lentils or quinoa – high in protein and low in fat.

Dried beans are also a good alternative and are absolutely delicious when cooked well.  There are plenty to choose from but please read the label thoroughly as many need soaking overnight before cooking.

On a wider scale, this is a problem not only affecting potatoes, but a lot of UK produce such as iceberg, little gem & cos lettuce, celery, courgettes, onions, broccoli and cauliflowers.

We receive regular updates from our suppliers, and will continue to share any updates with you.