Too Cool for School

As a local company it is really important to look after our youngsters – especially if they are thinking of entering this tough trade.  In order to give them an insight into what its all about, we welcome young people from local schools, opening our doors for them to engage in real life work experience.

We try to make the process as ‘true to life’ as possible. Every student wishing to apply has to come along for an interview, accompanied by one of their parents. This allows us to explain what is expected of them.  Successful candidates are then offered the opportunity to return to work with us for the period of their work experience – and it isn’t unknown for them to return to us again for holiday work, or even a career in later years!

Over the past 2 weeks we have enjoyed the company of a young lady called Megan who joined us from Sydenham Girls.  Megan is one of the youngest students ever to join us at just 14 years old!  Over her time with us Megan has worked closely with both Oliver and Callum in particular and has produced some really great work.

It is really wonderful to see a student embracing a work experience opportunity, but also to see our two newly qualified apprentices taking someone new to the industry under their wings and really explaining what being a chef is all about. I have been really impressed by their enthusiasm and maturity in taking this role on.

Now, on her final day, Megan is working on an event that the boys are hosting themselves; their very first “Rampage Supper Club”.

Sushi has been talked about and recipes for Bao Buns have been perfected.  Sticky Pork has been marinated and Vegetables pickled ready for the canapés.  I have tasted the Katsu Curry Sauce and the cocktail which will start the evening (off limits for Megan!) and very soon the prep for Saturday evening will be complete.

As for me – well I am just excited about arriving at fifty seven on Saturday evening as a guest – a very refreshing change!