This is me....

This is who I am and what I look like!

I am really very flattered that many cooks and planners say they cook and plan like Suzanne James and run events like Suzanne Janes but in truth, unless you work with Suzanne James and are part of the Suzanne James family then It’s really not done with the same Suzanne James passion, care, attention to detail or expertise.

We might also actually be the only catering company in London that is independently owned and run by a professional female chef. I have never had a business partner, or a backer or an invester. We’ve achieved what we have by bloody hard work and utter professionalism at all times.

You’d be amazed how often upon meeting people they say “Oh……. YOU’RE Suzanne James!!” so I guess when they tease me at work about it being ‘my name above the door’ it really is a case of ‘the face behind the throne’!

So, just incase you bump into me one day – here I am!