This is Fi...

Fi is really Fiona McIntosh and not only has hospitality on her mind but also number 4 on her back, as Fi is also a professional rugby player for Saracens Women’s Team. 

Fi is with us for her gap year and is driving events out, keeping the back of house tidy and you may even be lucky enough to see her on some events too!

When not working, Fi plays second row (which means she is the person lifted high above the players to catch the ball) or she is right at the front in a scrum (give me a 20 hour day, and a weeks worth of back to back events, over playing a rugby game but it is jolly good to watch!)

I should also mention that Fi plays for the squad most weekends and trains on a Tuesday and Thursday, so we lose her on those days but, we have the absolute pleasure of her being with us the rest of the time.

Three cheers for Fi.

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