The Scores on the Door!

I have been a chef for 30 years (eek!) and for half of that time I’ve been running my own business. Since we moved into our professional kitchen on Barry Road  in 2003 we, like every food business, receive a surprise visit from our local food health officer at least once every two to three years. I am proud to say that since day one we have always had a 5 star (top) rating and I have no intention of letting is slip!

Legally the visit cannot be deferred or declined; every business must grant immediate access, and in all honesty, if you are running your business properly there is no reason for this to be a problem.  We are confident in how we run our kitchen, and so it was a pleasure to get a knock on our door in November and to have the opportunity to once again to show the inspector around.

The visit is very thorough, usually lasting for about 3 hours or so, it includes questions about the temperatue we wash laundry at, how often our vents are cleaned, who our rubbish collection contract is with, and what chemicals we use to clean the kitchen. Of course there are lots of questions about food preparation and storage too, but there is so much more to it.

Even though I have gone through the process many times over the past 15 years, the inspection can still feel a bit like a gruelling exam. Sometimes there are suggestions of ways we can improve, sometimes our best practice is noted by the inspector to share with others – which feels wonderful! This year for the first time ever many questions were posed about allergens and how we look after guests, and we were extremely pleased to be advised that we are doing more than is required in this area, which we take very seriously.

As a registered food business these spot checks are incredibly important and demonstrate our professional approach to maintaining exceptionally high standards. The industry is always evolving, with new guidelines to follow and continued vigilence needed to ensure nothing is missed, there is never time to simply ‘rest on your laurels’.

Along with our 5 star rating from the Environmental Heealth Officer, we also have the highest rating possible with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) and we are members of the National Association of Wedding Professionals (NAWP). We hope that all of this combines to fill our clients with confidence in our our integrity and principles. These ratings and affiliations are what sets us apart from many other catering companies, and allow you, our clients, to be sure of our professionalism.  We are always happy to have visitors to our kitchen so you can see where the food for your event will be prepared.

If you would like to talk to one of us about your corporate event, wedding or party then please get in touch via email and we will be delighted to assist with a bespoke quotation.