The Importance of Our 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating...

We have a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating… and that’s because we are a professional company that work from a registered catering kitchen.

There are many pops ups out there at the moment and many people working from home, I have no objections… in fact, everyone has to start somewhere. But be honest, everyone should tell clients & customers where you work from and if you are a registered company or not. Let people know if you are a legitimate company or if you are working for cash and not paying any business contributions!

I know some of you may think we cost a little more than the afternoon teas that are being flogged on Facebook and there is very good reason for that – When you order from my company you are paying for procedures to be in place, investment in trained professionals to cook for you, for tax, NI and pension to be paid on all staff wages, for fridge temperatures to recorded, for risk assessments to be done, for a health and safety manual to be in place, for my 35 years experience in the London Hospitality Industry and over 20 years of owning my own business plus my EXPERTISE in this industry.

We invite young people to enjoy their work experience with us and have many young person job opportunities within my company.

We are all trying to survive so whoever you choose to buy from we all appreciate your business. You just need to know what you are paying for in advance and make your own decision based on facts.

  • Invest in your local professional companies
  • Invest in local people
  • Invest in your community

When you buy from a local company that employs local people, your investment will enrich the local community!

Now that you know all this about Suzanne James Caterers, why on earth would you buy from anyone else?