The Handmade Collective London at Fifty Seven!

The Handmade Collective London is coming to Fifty Seven on Saturday, 1st December!

We are so excited to be at this lovely venue in such a great location – but who are we? Well, our name pretty much gives it away but let us introduce ourselves……..

We are Julie, Shiree, Kath, Katie, Helen, Mary, Emily, Vivien and Kay. We are Mums, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, juggling family and work and trying to live the dream of running our own small businesses doing what we love, sharing our skills and passion and yes, selling our products to you, our local community.

We all live in south London where we make and create. We paint and sew, knit and crochet, make jewellery, arrange flowers and even throw pots  – well, that’s Katie for you but she is a ceramicist so we let her!

Our work is contemporary, excellent quality,  fairly priced, and made with love and care.

Even though we are a group, a collective, we are individuals too. Individuals that you can meet and talk to, ask questions about the products that we make and know where and how they were made. We’ll be glad to tell you because that’s what it’s all about, not just squirrelling ourselves away in the attic or the garage making things that we hope other people will like, but being able to share our creativity and our stories with you, our community.

So, come and say hi at Fifty Seven on Saturday 1st December, have a browse, and meet the makers!