The Evolution of Canapés...

Canapes are wonderful, those that know me will know that I am known as the #canapequeen… so I may be just a teeny bit biased!

These are beautiful delights of colour, texture and flavour made in miniature to pop into your mouth in a solitary bite!

Canapes, in my world, evolve from a tantalising tingle of either taste, sight or smell. They become so much more than just a canape. They represent so much more than a preprandial snack!

Canapes are the pre dinner conversation that grace the room of a gala dinner, they are meeting of two families who agree on a menu at a wedding, they showcase the rising star in an office when a senior realises the event was planned to perfection under our leadership, and they tell your guests that you have also chosen the best caterer in the industry!

The rose canapé below is a sable biscuit base (slightly spicy with the addition of paprika yet saltily sweet with Parmesan), topped with whipped goats cheese and allowed a cherry tomato with flamed skin to carefully balance on top with micro basil. This is one of our most requested canapés, because, I am sure you can taste the love that goes into each and every one that is hand crafted and leaves our kitchen for an event!

As many of you know my Pecorino Sables have been on my canapé menu for many years, through the summer months and winter, and every time I think of removing them from my menu they are asked for again and again. These have become our signature canapés, as you bite into these canapés you find yourself with a mouthful of the most divine flavours, starting with crispy sweet Pecorino which has an added kick of Cayenne. The topping is made with creamy Goats’ Cheese which we whip into a frenzy and pipe onto the biscuit. We slow-roast the Tomatoes in the oven on 100 degrees for an hour, so that they burst with flavour. Then they are ready to sit daintily on top of the canapés. We finish the canapés with some home made Basil Pesto which we make with Basil, @filippoberiouk EV Olive Oil, Parmesan and Sea Salt. While I love Pine Nuts, which are the traditional staple of Pesto, we find that so many people are so weary of the taste. We work our magic on the Pesto in a Pestle & Mortar, then add it on top of the canapés, finished with micro Basil and placed perfectly on our sustainable canapé decking. You can probably see why they are our Signature Canapé!

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