The best chocolate cake in East Dulwich (if not the world)!

This is our DELECTABLE chocolate cake in the making, for #eatouttohelpout #lunch #dessert. Moist, rich, smooth and definitely worth travelling a thousand miles for…. or just to East Dulwich!

It’s our ⭐️ Filippo Berio EV Olive Oil Chocolate Cake ⭐️ made with super healthy Filippo Berio UK extra virgin olive oil. Once it’s ready and waiting for you, we add whipped cream and black cherry compote, and smother it in chocolate sauce. Think of all the extra omega 6 and 3, and vitamins K and E that you’ll be getting from the EV olive oil, with their powerful health benefits 👏 👏 as each spoonful slowly melts in your mouth, leaving you in a glow of chocolate ambrosia bliss!