Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

I have sat and thought about what title to use for this blog for quite a while, because I know that using “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork” is a cliche, and I am pretty sure we’ve used it before as a blog title if I am honest.  But the thing is, in this industry, it is so true and I just can’t think of a better phrase to use.  I could say, “It isn’t about Obligation it’s about Responsibility” but that’s a bit long winded, I could say “When is a day off not a day off” but then it might sound like I am moaning…. and in the end a blog is about so much more than it’s title anyway isn’t it?

Let’s roll the clock back to last Saturday, 14th December.  It was 9.00am and I had just about woken up and was feeling happy to see the sun was shining for my last wedding of 2019 at the Horniman Conservatory.  I had completed the file and handed it over to our Event Manager James earlier in the week and I knew we had a top team booked for the day.  Now time to relax with my family and get some Christmas Presents wrapped ……..or so I thought…..

I checked my phone, as you do, and saw I had a message from my colleague Sharon….. “Hi Amanda, I am at the Horniman setting up, all is OK, except our Porter for the day has got transport problems and has been seriously delayed”.  I sat and pondered this for a moment, then explained the situation to my partner and said “I really feel I should go and help”…. his response, without taking a moment to consider was “Well, let’s go”…….

30 minutes later we were both at the venue, ready to do whatever was needed!

The rest of the team had been on site from 7.30am onwards so things were already well on the way, but every pair of hands matters when you are setting up for a big wedding, and in this instance three spaces were to be in use across the day, with two bars to be set up, different drinks to be provided at each one, plus of course the rest of the days hire to be sorted ready for table lay up, order of service to be laid out, a 4 tier cake to be unboxed and set up and lots of other little jobs to be done. Before we knew it a Suzanne James van arrived with more supplies for the day, and more willing helpers too and there was definitely a sense of excitement in the air as we all worked to bring the finishing touches together.

Although I wasn’t supposed to be there, the most important thing for me was to make sure that my couple had their perfect day, and of course to support the team who were on site until our porter could arrive.  It also meant that I got to see first hand how beautiful the venue looked, and to have a sneaky walk up the aisle myself as the gospel choir were warming up, I might not have been dressed as a bride (far from it having fallen out of bed and into the first clothes I could grab), but in my mind I was definitely a princess!!

Two hours later my man and I were both back home, with a well earned cup of tea and finally wrapping those presents. To be honest, he is probably the greatest hero of the hour as he doesn’t even work for the company, but in my hour of need he is always there to support me!

This is why employing local people works – 30 minutes from waking up and I was on site helping. This is why using small, independent companies works – we take responsibility for our events and we really care. This is why teamwork really does make the dreamwork – it takes many hands to make great things happen in a short space of time.

In my 12 years with Suzanne James Ltd I have never head anyone say “that’s not my job”.  I have never seen anyone shrug their shoulders or not care about an event, I have never seen a team of people as motivated as those I am lucky enough to work with.

It is really rare for a day like Saturday to happen, but when it does, far from being annoying it reminds me of just how lucky I am to be part of such an amazing group of people, and of course, to be making dream wedding days happen.