Sustainable Canapé Decorations

There is nothing we like more than to achieve our sustainability goals and here we have another example of thinking it all through….

This time of year I am just a little underwhelmed with the variety and colour palette of our very own, beautifully home grown British flowers, so we asked one of our our wonderful girls, Alise, if she would help out a little and propagate some of our succulent cuttings and wow Alise, you are marvellous….. we now have the cutest sustainable canapé decorations. These, coupled with the tiny flower pots to hold the ever important canapé name on one side and allergen information on the reverse has allowed us to once again lead the way in sustainable dining and allowed our guests the reassurance that booking us ‘will not cost the Earth’!

Sustainability matters even more when we are catering at one of London’s most most prestigious venues…..The Garden Museum, where we showcase our sustainable menus on a regular basis and are always asked to provide vegan menus for events. Having support from a venue is wonderful and really shows how much this venue cares about the environment too.


We can’t wait until December when Mockingbird Makes (a local crafts hero) will be handing over her specially commissioned crochet designs for our Christmas Events!

To contact us and find our more about our commitment to the environment which has been recognised since 2003 please email