Suzanne saves the day (again)!

Things do not always go as planned on events…… and if there is one element of the day that I’ve had to rescue more than any other it’s the cake.

The image below is not how the cake was given to me after being delivered to the venue! I was expecting to do no more than lift a perfect cake out of the box and place it on the cake stand……..except that unfortunatley it had fallen over in transit and the bottom tier had been felled like a tree – it was literally resting on the side of the box and was flat on one side!

A rather sad client handed it over and asked if there was anything I could do to help. 🤔 Make a lovely chocolate trifle I thought – but that was not helping and thankfully I managed not to say it out loud!

Thinking cap on.
Nearest supermarket here I come!
Betty Crocker ready made icing in a tub, summer berries, chocolate truffles, gin and tonic in a can, and some sandwich bags purchased!

I drank the gin and tonic (whilst planning the rescue mission)……too good to waste on the cake after all!

And so to work.  First up was the Betty Crocker icing, used to create a base layer, on top of which I piped grey icing (using the sandwich bags as piping bags), to make the cake look a bit like a drip cake.

I added the berries to hide the cracks. 

What you can’t see is the foil under the icing to keep the cake upright! 

The client gave me a huge hug when I presented the “new version of the old cake” to her …….phew – mission accomplished.

I took off my Suzanne James cape, folded it up neatly and popped it back in my event emergency bag for next time! 


This is the life of an event caterer to a tee!