"Self Love Sundays" - Wellness Workshops at fifty seven

We are delighted to be welcoming “The Secret Inspirer” to fifty seven  on Sunday, 4th November for the first of many wellness workshops.

Introducing the first in a series of ‘Self Love Sundays’ Pop ups.  A two-hour Sunday session for you to make time for yourself and reignite the fire within.

Come to join this collaboration between The Secret Inspirer and self-love expert Milly’s that will help you slow down & breathe, remind you how uniquely special you are, give you clarity on what you truly want and help you achieve it.You will be welcomed into a relaxing, supportive space with a hot drink and a smile; experience a grounding meditation to clear your head, a goal-setting session with @thesecretinspirer to get you excited about the future and an opportunity to get personal Bach Flower Remedy advice from @millys_1 to relax you as you go into the week ahead, along with extra tips & tricks to help you feel the self-love.

We can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon!Click here to find out more and book your place.