Save East Dulwich Community raffle

The Save East Dulwich Community raffle is now in its second round. It is an initiative set up by local resident Victoria Rennison to support East Dulwich’s local independent businesses during the pandemic. The first round of the raffle was a sell out with 10,000 tickets being sold, over 200 prizes given away and 50 businesses in the area being supported. Round 2 has 10,000 more tickets available and has sold nearly half so get some while you still can!

The idea behind the raffle is that it is a community effort where all proceeds from raffle ticket sales go towards buying amazing raffle prizes from local independent businesses. This means local residents can give some much needed cash, publicity and support to their local economy during a difficult time, plus it also gives the community a bit of cheer and good news and something to look forward to when the COVID Pandemic is over.

The support to all the businesses is via the sale of the raffle tickets! More tickets = more prizes purchased = more happy local businesses.
Tickets are just £1 each and can be bought here.

Find out more at @saveeastdulwich on Instagran and Facebook, and @DulwichSave on Twitter.