Rosie the Plumber

It’s strange how sliding doors work.

How you know of people but have never met them.

How someone’s reputation goes before them!

About 6 months ago I actually met Rosie Reilly. Rosie the Plumber. A woman I have known about in the Dulwich area for years – we advertise in the same local magazines, I would see people recommending her on our local community forum etc. Anyway, we actually met at the BNI networking group which we both attend.

Rosie was a techno-phobe and we gelled when she got frustrated with her phone and asked for a bit of help (not that I am an expert), but I was able to help and show her a few basics to help her along!

Each week Rosie gets the chance to give a 30 second talk about who she is and what she does. When she first joined, Rosie asked if she could get up last and each week we could see her agonising over this moment and each week Rosie got up and read form her script, then one week, bizarrely, Rosie asked to get up first and as she got up it was like a new person had entered the room. Rosie stood up, pleased as punch and spoke Hello, my name is Rosie Reilly. AkA, Rosie the Plumber.

Rosie has gone from strength to strength and now, after 20 years of working for herself, and hiding from technology, Rosie has met local web designer, Sian Ellis Thomas. Another great friend and now she has a beautiful website which is equally as equipped as Rosie is with hints and tips but more importantly, information about how to get hold of Rosie Reilly if you need her.

Rosie The Plumber
07932 566039

Sian Ellis Thomas
07976 733 677

Both are member of BNI Adventurers

Do give me a shout if you are keen to know more

Suzanne James Ltd
020 8693 6331