Photo Booths & Flower Wall Back Drops

Flower wall backdrops have been a big trend for weddings for a while now and for good reason. A really striking flower wall makes a gorgeous feature and they are ideal as a backdrop for photos, but what if you want something just a little bit different?

When couples book a photo booth or GIF booth with us, a flower wall backdrop is often the go-to backdrop but more and more couples we speak to are looking for a contemporary take on traditional styles. So here are our some tips for a modern twist on a classic.

Foliage over Flowers

Foliage walls are a refreshing and current take on the traditional flower wall. A dark green or autumnal mass of foliage creates a really striking backdrop and the contrast looks great in photos. And you don’t need to have real flowers or foliage to have a really striking wall.  Artificial flowers and foliage are easier to assemble, easier to customise and are much less expensive. Our new faux fern wall backdrop has been going down a storm. It looks really stunning and the combination of different leaves and textures is really eye-grabbing.

Go Neon

If you want to brighten up a flower wall then add a neon sign. We have lots of neon signs in different colours (the watermelon is a favourite!) and it really livens up your feature. Or you could look at getting a personalised sign. We absolutely love the “love” sign in the photo below, from a wedding we did last year (picture from O’Connor).

Try a Different Shape

Flower walls don’t have to be rectangular. A circular flower wall is a great way to create a modern but elegant feature. Another option is a flower or foliage arch. Arches can look really stunning in photos and because they often require fewer flowers, they are often more cost effective too!


Of course, you could always go for something a bit more traditional that fits in with your colour theme. There are some amazing real and artificial flower walls which you could pick to suit the style of your wedding. The “wisteria wall” below is one of our backdrops which looks amazing at the Horniman Conservatory as it really fits in with the elegance of the venue!

PROP Photo and GIF Booths have a range of amazing artificial flower walls for your wedding. They can be hired as part of a photo booth package or by themselves. If you would like more information please get in touch with PROP by contacting them and check out their new brochure here and follow them on instagram @propltd