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Tour of the tower: structural features, application in construction

Facade decoration with various materials in the construction of multi -storey new buildings involves complex high -rise work. To do this, you need to purchase the tower to the tour. This design allows facade design, external installation and surface dismantling of coatings at altitudes from 4 to 14 meters. You can buy the tower to the tour in any construction supermarket. But before making the purchase it is advisable to turn to a number of features: the platform should provide the distance of the working movement of the builder up to 2 m. The width of the platform should be at least 70 cm. If the supporting metal elements were made of steel before. Now, the towers of the tour are more common aluminum. But do not be afraid to buy such a tower. As a rule, aluminum, used in the design, goes through several stages of hardening, which makes the tower durable and elements with ultra -strength joints in it. And, to everything, the metal retains its natural properties: lightness, stability in corrosion and oxidation. All the elements of the nozzle racks in high -quality installations are usually combined by spring and static compounds that make the installation more stable. The vertical frame, as a rule, is firmly cooked. It is worthy that the platforms have hatches for convenience, so you can easily rise to a level higher and go down below. This is necessary to save time. Despite the fact that manufacturers make platforms from wood, or rather with multilayer plywood. They process this glued plywood with phenolic resins, which means that it can withstand moisture absorption and it is characterized by the absence of a sliding surface effect. Today, manufacturers made the tower to the mobile structure to the tour. To do this, rollers were made to easily move the dimensional installation from place to place. In the supermarket, it is necessary to turn to the presence of brakes - clips fixers, and corner backgrounds. Corner underpants are approved by manufacturers, contribute to the stability of the entire structure even on an uneven surface and slopes. European brands, different tours are produced, used not only for external, but also internal work, and the poet will also differ. Buying a tower to the tour, will save time, make the execution of high -rise work more convenient than if there is use of a stepladder for these purposes, and will allow you to carry out work better, without embarrassing the movements of the working personnel. If you are a fan of poker then you will like to play it online in Slots Muse Casino ! In recent years, most poker players have switched to play on Poker Sites Not Gamstop instead of playing in traditional casinos. You can get acquainted with a large selection of poker games on the website . Online poker rooms appeared for the first time in 1998. Since then the industry has developed greatly thanks to technological innovations that change the way people play and make it more fun and exciting.

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