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Change of food in cats Sphinx

Almost every of us had cases when your cat or cat did not want to eat for anything, especially when changing food. At the same time, we know that this is not only healthy, but also delicious food.

If you have a sphinx, then you are so used to it that it is smart, everything understands a cat, like a person. But ... this is not a person. They, as they learned once, some habits during food, will adhere to them all the time. The behavior can still be adjusted, but not physiology. And the reason for the refusal of food is here.

The taste of food cats and cats feel through the tongue, as well as through the nose. Hot food or cold, the consistency of the food offered to it, its taste - all this cat perceives with the tongue: acidic food or sweet, lean or not, bitter or acute.

We must not forget that our cat is a representative of the family of predators, and predators who feed on meat. Squirrels, she receives fats from these products. Amino acid and other valuable substances enter the brain and give a signal to “start” the desire to eat.

It is very important to know that the food will not fall into its tongue until it is recognized as a nose. For this purpose, it has many smell cells, the ability to smell, temperature and all other feed qualities. These sensations give a signal to the brain, and the cat recalls whether it knows or does not know this food. You probably noticed that the kittens, when they have a runny nose, even refuse to suck mother's milk. Why? Because the mechanism of smell, perception of the smell is disturbed.

The aroma molecules are, for the most part, in fats. Change the food, the composition of fat changes, which means the smell, its perception. That is why experts constantly tell you: do the change of food gradually. You need to know the number 7 here: the first day - they added one seventh part of the new feed, tomorrow - two seventh and so on. So it turns out: the transition to a new food should occur no earlier than in a week. Never listen to advice: do not eat, it means not hungry, all the more do not use it. Remember: two days of hunger and her dangerous processes of impaired liver work will begin!

Now let's learn together to force, or rather, to persuade, eat a cat. The main thing: if we begin to accustom to a new stern, then the smells of the old and new should be similar. Secondly, you need to force it to try new food: for example, drop olive oil there, they just adore it. Or like this: apply food on a paw, it will begin to "wash" and try food.

Have you noticed that they love more soaked granules? Use this: add a little to the food, for example, they adored by the smell of chicken broth.

In natural conditions, the predator eats the victim immediately, that is, warm. We must take this into account and heat the food, especially wet, to a temperature of 38-40 degrees. In her stomach, the necessary enzymes will instantly begin to digest.

So: be patient and do not allow the cat to leave the kitchen, "saying to yourself: there is no food here." You will use our, or other tips, it is not so important, the final result is important: the cat or cat ate well. After all, you are pleased to go into the house when there are such cool aromas of cooked food. Make the same atmosphere for your favorites. New players are entitled to a welcome bonus, which includes the first four deposits with a bet of 525% and a maximum of €3,000. When you make your first deposit of at least €40, you will be entitled to a 200% bonus at Casino . The maximum limit of this bonus is €1,000. Taking advantage of this lucrative offer, you can get a 175% bonus and a maximum limit of €1,000. On your third deposit, you'll get a bonus of 200% and a maximum amount of up to €1,000. This is not the end of the Shiny Joker Casino bonuses.

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