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We organize breastfeeding

The main problem of young mothers is to correctly organize feeding the baby. Someone adheres to a free feeding schedule, someone from the first days tries to instill the child with the child and make each of their effects by hours and minutes. What tactics to choose so that the child is fed and you are not very nervous? It is better to turn to the opinion of professionals, and in particular to the World Health Organization. The pediatricians working there believe that the hard feeding schedule will be clearly superfluous. It is enough just to follow the desire of the baby and give him eat every time he wants to eat. After a couple of weeks, the newborn independently develops breastfeeding. In the first days, the baby can suck the chest only 3-5 times a day. Then the feeding will become more frequent, since the child will begin to work well, and appetite will appear with him. From the second week, feeding the newborn will fall in the interval of 2-3 hours. To understand that the baby can be fed up according to his state - he will become energetic and active, he will stop asking for his chest. Over time, feeding will become less and less until the child switches to an “adult nutrition” - mashed potatoes, soups and juices. As you see, feeding the child takes a lot of time. And, it would seem, everything is fine, while you are among loved ones in your own apartment. But you just have to go outside or come to visit how problems begin. With each feeding, you have to look for a free shop in the park or a secluded corner in someone else's apartment, because I do not want to carry out such an intimate activity in other people's eyes. How to alleviate the situation and stop hiding from prying eyes? For this, a apron was created for feeding. The product is very conveniently designed, so mom will not need to take care that someone will see the feeding process, or the wind will pull the floors of the apron. Adjustable straps on the back and neck securely fix the apron and are suitable for all sizes. The product is made of natural cotton and does not cause irritation either in the mother or her child. In addition, the apron is quite functional. They can throw a stroller and protect the child from dazzling sunlight, or use it during a swaddling, putting it under the baby. The apron is quite compact and easily fit in a stroller or a standard female handbag. Now you yourself can determine your breastfeeding schedule. At Bonus Strike Casino, players will find over 1400 slots to choose from! You shouldn't have any trouble finding what you're looking for because this casino has it all! From old classics to the latest video slots. The best casino slots are only here . To make it easier for you to find different titles, you can sort the selection of slots as by vendor. The casino has partnered with some of the biggest game developers in the industry, so you'll find all the latest games as soon as they're released!

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