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Gas piston, diesel, etc. Power plants

Mini-TES, including gas piston power plants, have significant advantages. For the consumer, the independence of energy networks is important. Local sources of electricity, which are wind, gasoline, diesel electric generators, etc. In the energy systems, are often “dirty” electricity, can give this independence to users. If you use, for example, the FG Wilson gas piston power plants, then this problem is completely minimized or completely eliminated. It should be borne in mind that you can choose the equipment for the required power in a very wide range of 7.5 - 2500 kvesli you buy gas piston or diesel electric generators, you will purchase very energy -efficient energy sources with high payback speed. If in your business there is no means to purchase these devices, and the need for such sources of electricity is very acute, then you can help out the rental of generators. It should be borne in mind that such a service as lease of generators is becoming more and more common. Previously, the tariff was inaccessible. Today everything has changed. When you get on gas piston power plants, whether it is purchasing or rent, it should be borne in mind that such sources of high -quality electric energy will reduce the cost of both heat and electricity by 2 or more times. The purchase will pay off in less than three years. Garges of the gas -piston type due to the phenomenon of "Cohyeneration" will provide you with heat and electricity. And due to the technological processes of “trigeneration”, the consumer will receive, in addition to heat and electricity, cold -GPD - this is an internal combustion engine working on the principle of external mixture of formation, the engine uses spark ignition of the mixture in the combustion chamber. The fuel in such units is gas. On the output shaft of the engine, a generator is placed that converts the energy of rotation of the shaft into electric. The operation of the GPD: constant and periodic. GPD can use almost any type of gas fuel. They can be easily translated from one type of gas to another. It should be borne in mind that there is a variant of double-fuel engines, which at the same time can work on liquefied, compressed, main gas (propane-butane mixtures, biogase, etc.) and liquid fuel. The most popular GPE/GPU can be called Reliable TEDOM, Cummins (Kammins) units, etc. All serve as a reliable source of electricity, which provides high -quality electricity to industrial facilities and settlements. TD Ameritrade's innovative ThinkOrSwim graphics platform allows you to work in two different modes: Live Trading and Paper Money. Paper Money is a demo account with a 20-minute delay (20 min delayed data feed) as well as restrictions for working with filters. In general, traders use several programs to work in the financial markets. In general, at least two. This is a trading terminal of a broker with which the trader uses a graphical platform for searching for suitable shares.

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