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Gambling, casinos and religion in Sweden


Various forms of gambling and gambling have existed for several hundred years. However, it was not entirely without protests from various parts of society. A lot of voices within different religions have been heard to stop gambling, or at least reduce its extent. Within several religions, it is believed that gambling is a sin and that God has forbidden it. However, it cannot be said that the influence of religions has been too great because the number of online casinos, location-based casinos and various games just keeps growing and growing. Even in Sweden, various types of online casino games and gambling have become increasingly popular. But how do the different religions in Sweden view gambling and what does the Church of Sweden say?

What does the Church of Sweden think?

The Church of Sweden has Christianity as its religion, but it is, on the other hand, a very welcoming church. For example, they support people who have suffered from gambling addiction. The Church does not express any strong opposition to gambling and even members of the Church of Sweden are allowed to play at online casinos and more without being excluded. However, the church often tells us that gambling is something that can lead to addiction.

What about casinos with Trustly?

A casino with Trustly, what does the church think of it? In reality, the church does not differ casinos and payment methods. In other words, it doesn't matter how you can make deposits. Churches do not recommend that people start gambling, as it can lead to gambling addiction. On the other hand, the church does not condemn you if you want to play in casinos. It may try to get you to do something else, but doesn't condemn. Always remember to play responsibly. It is not only the desire of the Church, but the desire of all of us. If you want play you can do it at

There is no difference in which way you make deposits. What this means is that you play responsibly.

people who casino with trustly bind together

Gambling and Judaism

Judaism is a very old religion and you can trace it all the way back to the covenant the biblical patriarch Abraham made with God. Judaism is monotheistic and it has a single god who has an interest in the destiny of man. It was within Judaism that humanity first received its laws in the form of the Ten Commandments. Many of these rules originate from Middle Eastern cultures.

Through rabbis, the religious authorities, the Jews for several centuries have formed ethics and moral rules and all these have since been collected in the Jewish scripture Talmud. In the Talmud, all forms of gambling and gambling are condemned. It is seen as a risky investment and also as something that can induce addiction. Gambling is almost a sin and it is an illusion that any economic value is created. Actually, the games do not provide lasting values ​​in society.

Games in Christianity

In Christianity, people believe in God and Jesus Christ. It is his teachings that you should live by and the holy scripture is the Bible. Within Christianity, there is relatively much said about money in general, and you can also interpret it to mean that what is said applies to gambling. Jesus means, among other things, that you cannot serve two masters, you can either serve God or Mammon, which is money. It is also said that a love of money is the root of all evil. Just gambling can be strongly linked to a love of money. It's like, for example, that games often promise quick money and easy wins. This is what Christianity has condemned for several years.

Today, however, many Christians believe that all gambling should not be condemned. Many also believe that the church can, after all, share in the money won through gambling. Today, for example, you can see congregations that hold lotteries and other things.

Games and Hinduism

Hinduism is a religion that has no holy scriptures like the Bible. There is also no specific founder of the religion. In Hinduism there are not directly forbidden things, but it is about reincarnation and karma. The more virtuously you live, the more you help others, the less you need to suffer in your next life. When you have lived virtuously enough, you will reach nirvana and then you will no longer be reborn.

In Hinduism , gambling is viewed in the same way as other things. Just playing on your own for your own fun and entertainment probably doesn't count as virtuous. However, playing to help someone else or for charity is a more virtuous choice.

Gambling and Islam

Islam is the very youngest world religion even though it can be traced back to Ishmael, the son of Abraham. However, it was later the prophet Muhammad who became the leader of the religion. In Islam there are two types of actions. The actions that are legal and permissible are called halal, and haram are impermissible actions that are condemned. Haram is such a thing that can be punished according to the Islamic law and these acts include gambling in all its forms. It is connected with the fact that Muhammad is said to have been opposed to all gambling.

In the holy book, the Koran, it says that gambling is such a thing that prevents man from listening to God and from embracing religion. Alcohol is also such a thing. However, there are also other reasons why gambling is also prohibited. For example, a player gets the opportunity to take someone's money without actually deserving it. A winner does not need to put in any further effort to win. It also seems that Islam sees gambling as something that can be destructive both to the safety of the family and to society.

Conflicts between games and the religions

You can clearly see that within several religions it is not accepted to play games for money. Within some religions, however, it may be accepted if the profits go to charity. In Sweden there are people who add all kinds of religions and in other words there are very mixed opinions about games. However, there are no general bans on gambling for money, as it is in other countries where a certain religion is in the majority. In Sweden, there are rarely any major conflicts between online gambling and religion, but here it is the Swedish law that governs whether gambling is allowed. Then it is up to everyone to decide.

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