Mother & Son Cooking Together for one night only!

Its not often that Oliver lets it be known that he is my son.  Even at work he calls me Sue or Chef rather than Mum and I respect him for being able to separate his work and home life.

Recently we were contacted by Jack at SOOP Stories to see if we (Oliver and I) might be interested in a little collaboration at Dulwich Picture Gallery to host a Supper Club in the New Pavilion. It isn’t often I venture into the kitchen these days, but this was an opportunity too good to miss and we both jumped at the chance.

Thinking caps on, we wanted to offer a menu that is a little different, something to excite our regulars, and our new audience too.  After much discussion we decided to embrace my new vegan diet and cook a plant-based meal.  This is a true collab with Oli and I creating the menu and actually cooking together – how exciting!

It is always exciting to cook in a new venue and I hope that our guests will be a lovely mix of clients both existing and new.  You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy this meal, in fact you may well be suprised to know some of the dishes are vegetarian! I am always happy to share my knowledge with anyone who is interested in a plant based diet, but I’m not evangelical about it, it just works for me on a healthy basis!

Come along and enjoy the menu, everything will be locally sourced and cooked from scratch.  The menu is made up of my absolute favourite dishes and dishes that either Oli or I cook at home as well as work.

Oli is a newly qualified pastry chef so working with ingredients other than cream and butter is quite new to him!  The dessert is interesting and came about after we had a few too many avocados left over.  I’m also a bit of a chocolate fan so giving up milk chocolate was a challenge but this dessert has more than made up for loosing this velvety smooth luxury item from my pantry.

Read more about the East Dulwich Supper Club at the New Dulwich Pavilion

31st July from 7.30pm

£45 per person

See the menu