Measure and reduce your carbon footprint with EcoSpot

There is nothing more “millennial” than quitting your job to fight the climate crisis.

But four months ago, I decided to do exactly that when I co-founded EcoSpot.

EcoSpot is a startup that helps people measure and reduce their carbon footprint. We calculate your carbon footprint, tell you what you’re doing well and what you can change to improve it.

EcoSpot was born in 2019, the year we saw millions of people take to the streets to join global climate change protests. The passion of the people, from kids to grandparents, got us thinking. 

Living an environmentally friendly lifestyle can be time-consuming, expensive and inconvenient. 

Why isn’t it easier for everyday people to live an eco-friendly lifestyle?

Shouldn’t there be one place to find all the guidance you need?

How do you find affordable eco-friendly swaps?

If we could help hundreds, thousands or even millions of people start making small eco-friendly swaps, not only would we reduce individual carbon footprints, but collectively we could also pressure corporations and the government to follow suit.

Today I work full-time on EcoSpot with my co-founder Tim. Our mission is to make ‘eco-friendly’ easy and enjoyable, for everyone.

How it works

First, we help you understand your environmental impact, with an easy 3 minute carbon footprint calculator.

Then, we recommend personalised products and services that will help you to reduce your footprint.

We’ll guide you through making changes like swapping to a renewable energy provider, going meat-free a couple of days a week or trying out a sustainable clothing brand.

Finally, for the times when you can’t make a lifestyle change, we help you plant trees to reduce your impact.

We’re passionate about empowering everyday people to take climate action, but we need your help. We would love you to try out EcoSpot, calculate your carbon footprint and start with small swaps to reduce it. Once you’ve given it a go, let me know what you think by emailing, all feedback is welcome!

No compulsory tree-hugging. Just everyday people making small changes that have a huge impact.

Calculate your carbon footprint here



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