Loving Tomatoes!

I absolutely ❤️ tomatoes. I love the sweetness of the skin, that grassy smell from the vine, the pop when they are just ripe enough to eat and I absolutely love them with @filippoberio_uk EV Olive Oil and basil.

Here we have left them for 60 minutes in 100 degree oven to allow them to blister and served them on whipped feta, fresh basil and pea shoots.

So simple and so good..!

If you are looking for a rest, an easy event or even a night off from the stove then give us a shout. We can offer a bespoke menu that you can collect from our professional kitchen in Dulwich. We can, of course, deliver, set up, send chefs and waiting staff and allow you to arrive and dine.

If you fancy a night out then keep an eye on our website to find out about up and coming events at fifty seven.

We look forward to hearing from you.