Losing the Plot - Pumpkin news

Anyone who is a keen gardener knows there is no such thing as a sure thing – and we were reminded of this in no uncertain terms at our allotment in August.

Having been feeling quite smug about how well our pumpkin tunnel was doing, and the variety of produce we were growing we popped up there in early August – the weekend of the high winds if you remember it? – only to find that disaster had struck!

Two of our 6 arches had been blown over and badly bent under the force of the wind and the weight of the plants growing on them – the pumpkins, miraculously appeared to have survived, but untangling them from the frames and getting the most broken parts of the metal out was a nightmare.  What we had planned to be a quick 30 minute visit to water the plot turned into a 2 hour slog.  By the end of it we had managed to leave mini arches in place to support the plants, and we were consoled by the fact that we still seem to have squash growing, which is the most important thing, but overall the effect is ruined, and actually whilst it was a great experiment there is no doubt that we’ve had bigger pumpkins in previous years when we’ve let the plants scramble across the ground.

Still, nothing ventured nothing gained as they say, and we still have some lovely produce so it could be worse!

In other news, the sweetcorn is wonderful, we are harvesting it almost daily and haven’t got fed up of eating it (yet)!