Lockdown Lunches Corporate Care Packages

As the COVID restrictions are slowly relaxing, our route back to your hearts is to bring you and your staff “Lockdown Lunches”.

Our individually portioned buffet lunches will be delivered directly to your workplace. This will alleviate the need for your staff to leave the comfort of your office – lunch will come to you for a change! Forget all those unnecessary queues, keep your workforce safe and let them know how much you care…. who wants to queue when your lunch break is limited anyway?

Prepared under the strictest hygiene policies, in our 5 star rated kitchen, and available for delivery each weekday, our Lockdown Lunches are a little thank you after a lotta lockdown!

These menus have been specially chosen to be nutrient rich, organic, and to include superfoods to help fight infection and boost the immune system – something we all need right now!

Menu 1 – £20.00 – Minimum Order 10 Portions
Chipotle Chicken Buffet
Baked sweet potatoes, breast organic chipotle marinaded chicken, lollo rosso lettuce, black beans, blackened corn, avocado, coriander, lime & soured cream dressing

Menu 2 – £17.50 Minimum Order 10 Portions
Salmon Nicoise Buffet
Seared fillet lemon scented salmon, frizzae lettuce, French beans, pickled red onions, baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, breakfast radish, black olives, hard boiled eggs & French dressing

Menu 3 – £15.00 Minimum Order 10 Portions
Vegetarian Greek Salad Buffet
Feta cheese, gems lettuce, cucumber, plum tomatoes, green peppers, shallots, black olives, basil leaves & red wine dressing

Menu 4 – £15.00 Minimum Order 10 Portions
Vegan Buffet
Basil, mint & EV olive oil infused bulgur with roasted Mediterranean vegetables, Pomodoro tomato sauce & micro basil leaves

Subject to Availability – Weekdays until the end of December.

Prices exclude VAT & delivery fee – to be advised at time of booking.

Email to book.