King Richard III

I do love the World Wide Web is there anything you can’t find on there when you need to?

But even more exciting is when you stumble across something unexpected…….. so there I was, clicking through th’interweb, passing some time whilst I waited to be called into a meeting when I was faced with a wonderful review of an event that we catered at the Museum of the Order of St John a few years ago.

This particular dinner was for the Reinterment of King Richard III and a splendid affair it was too. For those that may be less familiar, King Richard III lost his horse, his crown and his life in 1485 at the Battle of Bosworth. He was the last British King to die on a battlefield.

The King Richard III society funded an archaeological excavation and the bones of a skeleton were, unbelievably, discovered in a car park in Leicester on the first day. The level of anticipation was high as the bones showed a tell tail curvature of the spine, and alongside them was a silver boar badge; a symbol of Richard III.

It seemed impossible that the remains could have been found so easily, but after much research it was proven that these bones were from the body of the King and had been buried for over 500 years. The tribute dinner that we catered back in 2014 was the first of many celebrations to commemorate the reburial of the bones of England’s last Plantagenet King at Leicester Cathedral.

I remember feeling very proud that we had been selected from many caterers to cook for this historic event and how much research I put into the menu as sustainability, and of course an English menu for an English King was the brief and was incredibly important to the hosts. It’s probably one of the most exciting dinners I have ever been asked to cater as history was always one of my favourite subjects at school. In fact I wish I had studied more and maybe done something with that interest – but then I would not have been part of this event so sliding doors and all that…!

Anyway, back to the menu….

We cooked Rillettes of Wild Sea Trout with Braeburn Apples, followed by a shank of Kent Lamb and finished with a delicious Orchard Pear and Almond Tart with a Local Berry Compote. (I never have enough time to photograph main courses as they whizz out of the door but I do still have the starter and main course photos included below).

The tables were set with an Olive Green Shot Silk Cloth and of course were adorned with White Roses to represent the House of York and touches of Burgundy to represent the Kings Colours.

This was truly a memorable dinner for the guests and one that will last a very long time with me too.

Our client said…

“You were brilliant in every respect – what was so important was the quality it the food and service and the immaculate timings and non intrusiveness of your team during speeches and singing. We were hugely impressed and very grateful.

Please thank your team – their efficiency and judgment made it very easy for me to choreograph the speeches and singing on the evening.

I would not hesitate in recommending you or using your company again in other events in and around London.

Thank you so much, Let’s keep in touch”.

I would love to hear from you if you are looking to create a memorial event.  We work in many historical unique venues in London and would love to discuss your event in more detail.

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