Keep Fit & Cook During Lockdown!

Greenwich Training offer Small Group Training, Personal Training, Yoga and Nutritional Coaching from their boutique studio in the heart of Greenwich.

They contacted us to ask if Suzanne would be able to host a group cookery class during lockdown so the trainers and their trainees could cook with her, and then sit down and eat together.  Suzanne was delighted to assist and a private conference call was set up for everyone to dial into.  Sue suggested a wonderful Paella recipe and shared the ingredients list in advance to ensure everyone was ready to cook on the day of the call. .

If you’d like to book Suzanne to cook a meal with your team please get in touch with us by email to 

We can offer virtual cookery classes for you and your team, allowing you all to cook and eat together whether that be once a month or once a week, it’s a great way to reconnect and stay in touch whilst you are on furlough or working from home.  We can do brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or supper classes as a private video call!  Training is allowed when on furlough, so why not offer a cookery lesson to your staff?

You can also follow our free cooking classes on instagram @eastdulwichchef where we are showcasing a random selection of ingredients found in most fridges, freezers, and store cupboards along with showcasing some special treat suppers for those that just need a change or challenge!

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I know this is rather decadent but I promise you it’s all stuff I had in the fridge, freezer and cupboard apart from a red pepper that I had to leave the house for! . Paella to the Spanish is as regional as pasta is to Italians! Some use only fish, some use fish and add chicken, some add rabbit and some add chorizo! My friend Natalia will be spitting chips is she knew I was adding Chorizo but my boys love the added smokiness and texture. . This Paella has prawns, jolly large ones, and scallops because that’s what I had in the freezer. I save these prawns for a treat as they are very special, also the scallops are a collection of leftovers from events that I freeze as I would never reuse them for clients so we gain the benefit at home! )Also, I save the heads and freeze them separately in order to make a base for soups, sauces etc. . Ingredients include: Good glug EV Olive Oil – @filippoberio_uk 1 onion – chopped 2 cloves garlic – crushed Few stems lemon thyme 4 tomatoes – grated 1/2 tsp sugar 1 heaped tsp sweet paprika Large pinch saffron 1 chorizo sausage – we like the hot one form @ayresbakery 100g fish per person. We had prawns and scallops but you can use monkfish, cleaned squid, mussels even lobster(!). I have not tried paella with salmon before so unsure if this would work! 50 – 75g peas straight from the freezer 1 red pepper – large dice 1 lemon cut into wedges 3 cups stock prefer fish but vegetable works well or I Jem if you are adding meat 1 cup white wine – rest with dinner 250g paella rice = 4 hungry adults You can add and adjust the recipe to your own taste and what you have available so please don’t think you have to rigidly stick to this recipe.

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Greenwich Training have a different approach to health and fitness.

Where people are bouncing from one cheap gym membership to another and giving into gimmicky health fads, they offer a welcome dose of common sense, expert knowledge and customer service in a supportive, welcoming environment and community.

Forget any talk of detoxes, diets or gimmicks, their advice focuses on improving your relationship with food and exercise. Their plans are customised to help individuals achieve their goals at their own pace, fitting around their lives rather than taking them over.

Their mission is to get people healthier, and give them the tools to maintain this not just for a summer or for a year, but for life.

Greenwich Training during lockdown:
Due to the individual nature of the services offered they have been able to migrate the vast majority of their services online. They have even delivered essential equipment to their clients all over London to ensure they’re still getting the very best from their training, and are offering extra support and sessions to help people navigate this uniquely challenging period. They are also working online with those who no longer have access to their regular gym or training schedule, to help everyone stay on track and healthy until things get back to normal.

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