Julien Carcano exhibits in London for the first time

Award-winning French photographer Julien Carcano is to exhibit in London for the first time (5th March – 18th March at 14 Northcross Road, East Dulwich, London SE22 9EU.)

Julien Carcano is well-known in photography circles for his unique eye and long-exposure technique. In this exciting exhibition he sets his sights upon the Lofoten region of Norway, one of Europe’s unknown gems. The result is a stunning display of minimalist landscape photography.

About Lofoten 

Lofoten, is a northern archipelago in Norway. Asked what drove him to such a remote place, Julien said:

“The combination of snow, untouched lands, beaches, beautifully coloured local buildings, dark chiselled mountains, blue water and unique light make it impressively poetic and peaceful.  It’s a truly wondrous place begging to be photographed.”

About the exhibition 

The power of Julien’s work lies in his ability to pinpoint the magical scenery of far-off and far-out settings – the wonder that exists all around us. He frames the emotions of the moment, with a style that is sober and minimalist but also, deeply personal.

In this exhibition, the beauty and simplicity of Lofoten is refracted back through his lens, in compositions that display a mix of textures, colours and geometric lines.

In Julien’s words:

“My work tries to captivate by making the real feel surreal. I try to transport people to the purest essence of beauty and emotion. In the mind, somewhere between reality and fiction, is where magic exists. I hope my photographs take people there.”

For more information on Julien Carcano and the Lofoten Exhibition, please see the attached document or visit:



Instagram: #julien_carcano

If you need anything else, please feel free to contact Julien directly (jcarcano@hotmail.com or 07981 226673).