January Wedding Planning - The Perfect Storm!

January is the ‘Perfect Storm’ in the world of Wedding Enquiries and this is why;

All the couples who got engaged over Christmas are excited and want to book.
All the couples who didn’t get around to booking a venue the year before, and now want to get married this year want to book (and tend to be in a bit of a panic).
All the couples who want to book for the following year get Christmas out of the way and decide it is time to book.
All the couples who did book us the year before get Christmas out of the way and start their serious planning.

…… You can, I am sure get the picture.

It feels as if the world and his wife to be(!) are calling and emailing all at once.  It is actually incredibly exciting – after 12 years in this job I am well used to it now, I make sure I come back from the Christmas break well rested, on top of the housework and with evening childcare in place as much as possible, and along with Suzanne and the rest of the team here we get our heads down and reply to everyone as quickly as we possibly can.  There is something of a buzz about it, although I absolutely hate to keep anyone waiting for an answer. I know if I was planning my wedding I wouldn’t want to be left on tenterhooks during the booking or planning process.

So that is why, last week some clients were surprised to be getting emails from me at unexpected times of the night, or even over the weekend!  The truth is that it is very hard not to take a sneaky peek at my emails from home too, and if I can answer something quickly and easily I will do.  Sometimes it needs to wait so I can answer fully, and sometimes I have to make myself stop and engage in family life instead, but I always reply quickly if I possibly can.

The hard work and long hours last week have paid off and things are starting to get back to normal, although the raised level of enquiries usually continues through to mid/late February so we are not resting on our laurels just yet.

If you have been in touch with us over the past week or two you should have had a reply by now. If not please check your email spam folder, and do get in touch again, and please forgive any delay in our reply.

As a wedding planner I am often asked what my top tip is….. and my answer is not always the one that might be expected because my response is “Unless you really can’t avoid it, don’t start planning your wedding and looking for a venue in January”!

Obviously if you are newly engaged and have a set date in mind and you haven’t booked your venue yet it is a good idea to get booking as quickly as you can.

Otherwise, I always say, whenever you do get engaged, whatever time of the year, speak to us and let us help you find a venue and get it booked ASAP. The sooner the better, as once your venue is booked you can relax and take your time with many of the other details.  Delaying until January (unless you have to) means you are in a rugby scrum with lots of other couples, and it may well make the entire process more stressful for you, which we certainly don’t want to be the case.

Happy wedding planning!