I was invited for my vaccine!!
Yes, I am old enough and was very excited too.

I booked myself in for Sunday as did Amanda Jayne Alleyne so we Hubble Bubbled and went together, phew… I have a needle phobia so was glad of the company but it didn’t mean hand holding! We showed up at the Tessa Jowell centre, our chosen venue and it was a lovely experience. Honestly. Like a well oiled cog, everything about the process was, well organised and enjoyable to be honest.

Sadly we didn’t get seen by the army medics… we had a ‘real doctor’ as Amanda put it! We soon made up for that comment with a little bit of high jinx and giggles. Yes giggles! We are naughty together and it felt like we were ‘out out’ at long last – no dancing though!

Anyway, that’s one down and one to go. Can’t wait for my next text!

Side effects gave me the opportunity to play this to my advantage and so I took a rest day on Monday (yessssssss), just in case I was one of the few with light symptoms.

If you are worried about getting the vaccination then please do book yourself in and just go to speak with the Doctor, they are really reassuring and can answer any questions you may have.

Another step closer to seeing you all at our events again!

Suzanne James.