Introducing Natalie Raybould - Humanist Wedding Celebrant

Hello! I’m Natalie Raybould, and I write bespoke wedding ceremonies for couples who want something a little different. Perhaps they want to get married in a venue that is not civilly registered, or they would like a ceremony that totally reflects them and their relationship. I can help!

I myself had a Humanist wedding, and started to train to be a celebrant years ago because I wanted to help other couples feel as truly excited about their wedding ceremony as I did. I am also an opera singer, and my performance training makes this the perfect sister career with celebrancy. I can advise on any music and musicians, project with ease in an outdoor ceremony for 200 people, and (although I have not been asked yet) would happily sing your ring vows for you…!

What is a Humanist Ceremony?

Humanist ceremonies are non-religious; however, culturally significant acts such as glass-breaking, handfasting, and many others can all be included. The first and foremost reason for creating this ceremony is you, the couple getting married. A Humanist celebrant ideally spends months getting to know the couple, building a trust and a friendship. This not only means that the script will be packed full to the brim with personal anecdotes, jokes, and sentimental touches, but also the ceremony will feel like it is being led by an old friend. Each ceremony is written from top to toe to suit the couple in every way, and so every ceremony I write is unique. The question I get asked most – by guests, by other suppliers, even by venue owners! – after they attend one of my wedding ceremonies is “Why didn’t I know about Humanist weddings before?” – usually followed up with “We would have had one if we had known!”

Why choose a Humanist ceremony?

We humans are social animals, who have an innate need to mark the important events in their lives with ritual. A Humanist wedding ceremony enables non-religious couples who want to declare their mutual love and commitment to be able to do so without either crossing their fingers in church or feeling like personal elements are missing in a register service.

My aim is to make your ceremony the most enjoyable, most personal, and most memorable part of your wedding day.

Too often the ceremony is considered the bit to Get Out of The Way – the words and format have been witnessed dozens of times before, and because of that guests hear rather than listen (while cocking an ear for the muffled champagne corks being popped in the other room!) Let’s work together and make sure that your ceremony is the bit everyone is talking about afterwards!

Would you like to know more?

I have only scratched the surface here, but isn’t chatting much easier in person, with coffee and cake? I would love to tell your story, in your way. Drop me a call or email!

Nat x