Home Cooking Hampers

  • Fed up with preparing meals and cooking?
  • Usually go out to eat but everywhere closed!
  • Looking for a trained chef to cook delicious meals, ready to eat or freeze?

✅ We got that covered!

Many people are offering delivery boxes of ready main course meals and then you have to schlep to the shops and queue up again for fruit and vegetables and it’s such a pain isn’t it? Some of you, well hundreds to be fair, have been loyally tuning in to my Instagram posts and following my cookery classes (@eastdulwichchef) and we have been having such a great time but now, let’s think about all the working from home that you are doing, all the travel costs you are saving and all the coffees you are no longer buying and voila, lets now think about a little investment into “You Time!”

It is apparent that many of our clients, and their friends are looking to buy from and support independent companies like mine. I am frequently asked for a meal prep service and it’s obvious that we are now looking to invest in ourselves and are willing to spend a little more on food and drink.

Work is calling you to return, but you may have just scored a little more #wfh (working from home) time and if that’s the case, you know you really do have to catch up with the reports and maybe spend a little less time in the kitchen or the garden!

We are offering Home Cooking Hampers @ £150 per hamper.

All individually portioned meals ready for the week in the fridge or pop them in the freezer for later:
2 x Pork and Beef Lasagne – Meat
2 x Chipotle marinaded Chicken Breasts – Meat
2 x Lemon and Garlic marinaded Salmon Fillets – Fish
2 x Red Peppers filled with Rose Harissa spiced Puy Lentils – Vegetarian
2 x Chilli Sin Carne – Vegetarian

Vegetables prepared and ready to reheat:
2 x Baby Potatoes with Mint Butter
2 x French Beans with Almond Butter
2 x Carrot Batons with Dill Butter
2 x Cauliflower Cheese
2 x Long Stem Broccoli Florets
2 x Roasted Butternut Squash with Harissa Spices

2 x Chocolate Brownie
2 x Raspberry and White Chocolate Blondie
2 x Brioche and Butter Pudding
2 x Tiramisu
2 x Rhubarb and Apple Crumble

Each hamper is for 2 people.

Available every Saturday throughout July – Pick up at 12.00pm from 11b Barry Road, SE22 0HX

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