Home Renovation Workshops Wednesday 19th& Thursday 20th September

Home Notes will be back at Fifty Seven in September with two workshops to help you navigate the home renovation process.   Join Amy and Jane, two local architects on a mission to demystify the home construction process and make it enjoyable in the process.

‘Map Your Project Journey’ on Wednesday 19th is for people setting out on their renovation journey.  The evening is a chance to get clued up on the process of home construction.  Learn about how to set your goals and make your brief, decide which professionals are right for your specific project and how to hire them, what tasks you can undertake yourself,  and finally learn how to set your budget and, most importantly how to stick to it.

‘Site Survival Kit’on Thursday 20thSeptember is for people about to start on site with a contractor.  No project is too small to benefit from some project management and organization!  Learn how to find contractors, review and negotiate their prices, and most importantly learn the methods and tools to help you work with your contractor like a pro and avoid unnecessary conflicts, delays and costs.

With refreshments provided by Suzanne James it should be an enjoyable evening for all. Find out more and book your tickets here.