Keep it Local: Holidays with Hayley John-Charles franchise owner of Not Just Travel

As ‘the boss’ it is rare for me to go on holiday – partly because I never have time to plan one, and partly because there never seems to be a good time to go. However, I am super excited to have discovered Hayley through the BNI networking breakfasts – she listened to my ideals and then went off and found three brilliant options for me to choose from, and convinced me that everyone needs a holiday……and suddenly, a Christmas Miracle – I have a holiday booked!

I am so excited, I even found myself writing a little poem to celebrate!!

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Everyone was sleeping except the door mouse,
He waited for Santa, not to see what he’d bring,
But to hear of the holidays that have made Santa grin!

You see, Santa met Hayley a few years ago,
A travel consultant who wanted to know,
What holiday he dreamed of & how long a flight,
Then she worked her magic and got it just right!

 With plenty of choices & a service that’s winning,
Santa spent all of last January grinning,
As he sat in the sun feeling post Christmas cheer,
Hayley enjoys her busiest time of the year!

When the New Year is done and the sales have hit,
The deals are aplenty, the offers legit,
It’s the busiest time and most fun for Hayley,
As she turns people’s dreams to reality daily!

As you sit round your table, enjoying Christmas dinner,
Tell family & friends about Hayley, the holiday award winner,
For a service that’s outstanding and won’t cost you a penny,
Tell Nana & Grandad & even Aunt Jenny!

A few days from now when the adverts are out,
To secure the perfect trip without any doubt
Call Hayley as soon as the holiday chat starts
Coz she’ll book your trip using her head & her heart!


If you survived me poetry, let me tell you just a little bit more about Hayley, she is the wonderful woman that runs the BNI Networking Breakfast every Thursday at our venue Fifty Seven. Hayley is a personal travel consultant and a franchisee owner with Not Just Travel. What that means is your travel is fully looked after and protected, the difference when booking through Hayley rather than online is that when you contact Hayley with your travel plans, she uses her experience and access to exclusive offers to find you the perfect match and provide you with a bespoke unique service from beginning to end. It really is that simple; you tell her what you’re looking for, put your feet up and let her do the rest.

As your personal Travel Consultant, Hayley can work with you to plan and book everything you want from a wedding abroad on a beach, to a Cultural tour of Italy, vineyard tours in France, or even a rather regal stay in a castle! And if you are planning your wedding then she can of course take the pressure off and organise your perfect honeymoon!

From romantic breaks for two to family travel and anything in-between.

Contact Hayley so she can send you packing!!