Health Inspired Drinks With A ​Kick....

Matt tells all about how he was inspired to start his own cocktail concept…..

“After many years spent mixing up drinks in a variety of London’s leading establishments, it was apparent to me that the global health & wellness trend was beginning to influence consumer lifestyle choices and it was only a matter of time before this would spread to popular drinking culture.

Recognising this shift in consumer trend, a love for the art of centrifugal juicing and all it’s nutritional benefits and combining it with ten years mixology experience I created the new health inspired vits+kicks cocktail concept.

Fresh vegetable & fruit juice combinations with a kick… Alcohol! No added sugars or sweeteners, just earth’s natural ingredients and alcohol shaken up into micronutrient enriched hedonistic cocktails.

But never fear, if you’re more about the Vits and less about the Kicks you can enjoy our vitamin enriched concoctions in healthy mocktail form.

Loaded with a new cocktail concept and a fully operational bar installation, the Vits+Kicks journey began in the shape of a mobile cocktail bar company servicing private parties, events and fitness festivals across the country.

Four years later, two additional smoothie bar residencies at Studio Lagree & Reach Fitness Studio Clapham, and a wonderfully accommodating Suzanne James, you can now enjoy the full Vits+Kicks repertoire at our exciting new collaboration with 5​7 North Cross Road, SE22 9ET every weekend from 11am-3pm.

If your micronutrient thirst has grown too strong to wait, you can also find a selection of our healthy concoctions via the Deliveroo & Uber Eats platforms.”

Hope to see you soon!


You can find Vits+Kicks at fifty seven, 57 North Cross Road, East Dulwich, SE22 every Saturday & Sunday from 11am to 3pm.

Suzanne James brownies also available to purchase on both days!