Half my life in an apron!

I was watching TV last night and in a commercial break there was an advert for a supermarket that is celebrating its many years as a leading brand by rolling back their prices to decades gone by. This made me smile and reminded me of when we were having a tidy up and clear out before Christmas and I unearthed some of my very first menus which date back to the late 90’s when I started my own business.

Back in those days I didn’t have a desk top or a lap top computer, I had an electronic type writer which allowed you to see 5 lines at a time – The rest was guesswork!! I remember that funds were so tight that I bought it from a catalogue and had to pay £4.25 a week for 40 weeks and even that was a struggle!

All my menus were printed and bound by hand with neatly tied ribbon. The cover was a piece of black card with my name hand written in an italic gold or silver pen. Everything was send by mail in an A4 envelope and cost 28p!

My prices and menus may have changed a bit since then but the attention to detail and dedication hasn’t. I thought I would share some of the pages with you – just for fun – and because, well, to be honest, I’m quite proud of how it all started!