Gourmet Evening - A Tribute to Gary Rhodes

When your cheffy past catches up with you – in SE22!

30 years ago I went to Westminster College with an amazing young (then) chef, David Datt.  Dave was super cool, a great chef and everyone (me included) wanted to hang out with him as he was, well, utterly brilliant and had time for everyone.  Fast forward 30 years and David is in East Dulwich and putting on a pop up over at fifty seven, 57 North Cross Road on 28th March.

Please read his bio below and take a look at his menu. Dave was a commis chef to Chef Gary Rhodes and his menu on 28th March is his own memorial to this great chef who helped him to become the chef he is today.

I will be booking tickets so hope to see you there.


Thirty or something years ago at the ripe old age of twenty and near the start of my career, I had the privilege to train as a Commis Chef for a while under the influence of our very own Michelin starred and best of Great British Chefs, Gary Rhodes OBE.

I worked as a Commis Chef at The Green House Restaurant before Chef Gary arrived in Mayfair 1989/90 from the Castle Hotel in Taunton, Somerset and after having proved my worth to him in a short space of time, he made me a member in his new team.

I spent a year with Chef Gary and although my time with him was short considering I have now been cooking for over thirty years, I can honestly say it was definitely sweet and with his energy and professionalism it helped shape me to be the chef that I have become and I am so grateful for the education.

So as a tribute to him I want to show a little of what he taught me to say thank you for the privilege.


As this will be a tribute to the late Gary Rhodes I am making the night a non-profit event and all proceeds will be to cover the costs of the food and the hire of the event space.

On 28th March 2020 I am holding a pop up restaurant in East Dulwich for 24 guests where I will be cooking some of the dishes that Chef Gary taught me. The whole idea is that you will choose one dish from each course to make your own menu. The whole menu will consist of 3 choices of starters, 3 choices of main course and 3 choices of desserts, and what with Chef Gary growing up in and around East Dulwich himself, it could not be more fitting to bring it back to this part of London.

The space that I have hired only has room for 24 guests and I am sure it will fill fast so please do not hesitate in securing your seat for this special occasion.

This event is ticketed and the price per ticket is £40 each and as we does not hold a liquor licence to sell alcohol on the premises, on this occasion we are allowing you to bring a bottle of wine or your own liquid refreshment. (BRING YOUR OWN) and to kick the night off you will be greeted with a glass of Prosecco before we get started so please arrive early to the venue.


David Datt is a true Londoner and grew up in Hoxton. He has been a chef for over 30 years, was at catering college with Suzanne James and trained as a Commis Chef under Anton Mosimann and Gary Rhodes. He has worked in every aspect of catering throughout his career, from prestigious events, A La Carte restaurants, fine dining as well as a private chef to the rich and famous on several occasions.

Dave has worked his way up to Head Chef in various central London locations and also runs MindPlus Wellness Retreats with his partner Becca Teers, in Kent. Becca was the founder of the local salon/day spa Therapy that still runs successfully on Melbourne Grove and is an author and hypnotherapist.