Go Fund Me for the NHS…

SOS for the NHS

With challenges being faced daily by the front line staff at Kings College Hospital and, with us being asked frequently to bake cakes, scones and brownies for the wellness centre, we baked so much for our NHS throughout 2020.

The second wave of covid peaked and when the new strains of the virus hit us hard, it was vital that we built immunity in our community.

The hospitality industry was hit hard… and when our commercial kitchen was at a restful pace our staff were keen to help. You also helped us by generously donating to our fundraiser. 100% of your donation was put to good use and we spent every penny on ingredients that we turned into healthy, nutritious, immune boosting meals for the Wellness Centre at Kings College Hospital.

We were part of the Buy Them A Coffee team and built our own fundraiser to support that; it just meant that all money raised went further and more people benefited.

Your support meant the world to us. In turn it allowed us to support BTAC while not impacting their own fundraising. You gave our NHS sustenance and allowed us to bake more frequently and more items for those that are doing so much for us all.

These were ordinary people doing extraordinary things and were the true heroes of the pandemic.

Thank you so much for everything that you did in support of our fundraiser.