From your first date to walking up the aisle....we've got it covered!

According to a recent survey couples date an average of 4.9 years before getting married, which means that if you have started dating recently there is a good chance you will be getting married in 2023!

So, once you know things are getting serious, what can you be doing to help prepare for your big day?

Looking at venues is a great place to start. Gather details and think about what sort of space works for you as a couple. Remember to find out what maximum capacities are (there is nothing worse than setting your heart on a venue only to discover the it can only accommodate half your guest list). Look, but remember don’t book as if you book a venue through us, we can secure much better rates and save on costs over all too

It is also a great idea to get the details of any great bands or DJs you may come across – if you like what they do they are well worth keeping in mind.

Think about attending some local supper clubs so that you can try out some different caterers, you will get to know their style of service and presentation and build a relationship with them that will make it much easier to plan your wedding day with them later.

If funds allow open a high interest bank account or ISA.

Of course all of this really does depends on what you want out of your day doesn’t it, and only you and your partner (and sometimes family too) can decide exactly what that is.

For some clients it’s all about the party and for others it’s all about the food or a 7 tier wedding cake! Some want to provide free drinks all day long, others are happy to serve one glass of bubbly and then move over to a pay bar. Some dream of scorching temperatures and others a frosty December day!

Whatever may or may not be important for your day in 4.9 years time(!), if you have a professional company on board then you can rest assured that you will have a relaxed day with everything in place, all questions asked and boxes ticked well in advance.

With experience comes knowledge, and a wealth of contacts and these invaluable assets come with us, and many of those we work with.  As members of the National Association of Wedding Professionals (NAWP for short) couples can relax, knowing that they are in good hands from their initial call to us, right through to the end of a very long, but marvellous day.

At Suzanne James, we offer exceptional catering with outstanding levels of service. We take care of our couples as well as their guests and all of the details. We offer a Wedding Planner as part of our service and co-ordinate all of your suppliers on the day – a task made much easier if they are part of our Little White Book! We do not take a commission for our recommendations, it just makes your life, and therefore ours too much better thanks to working with reputable suppliers. We really are here to help from the moment you say “Yes” to that all important question!

It’s always much better to be part of a circle of friends than a one off booking so please always ask your event planner / caterer if they know of services that you are looking for before you embark on the arduous task of researching suppliers. If you a little unsure of where to start then please get in touch to discuss and check out the venues page on our website.

If you’d like to talk to us about your big day why not call us on 020 8693 6331, or drop us an email to