Fridge Planning

It is now, more than ever, important to organise your fridge!

Here are some guidelines which I hope are helpful…

Lets start at the top…

– Top shelf is ideal for wine (!) and any leftovers.  Always cover leftovers and label them, even if it is with a marker.  It is important to know how long food has been left in your fridge and to use it quickly.


Next shelf down or middle shelves…

– Eggs and deli / cooked meat products are great here.  The flow of air means this shelf should be at approx. 2 -3 degrees and is perfect for storing these items here.


Bottom shelf…

– This is where raw meat, fish and poultry should be stored. Always on a tray and always covered. It is important for raw items to be on a tray in case they drip as it will lessen cross contamination.



– The drawers are best used for keeping fruit and veg and hence the importance of keeping any raw meat on a tray on the shelf above!



– This is the warmest part of the fridge as it is constantly opened and closed!  Keep butter, eggs and cheese in the door as these will spoil less if slightly warmer than the ideal 5 degrees!


Don’t forget to check the labels on all open jars and bottles including mustard, ketchup and pickled onions(!) for how to store.


Tomatoes are better out of the fridge and stored in a cool place – they taste much better!



The more you stock your fridge the harder it will be to keep everything cool so always have a good air flow and only ever put cold food in your fridge.