Food Hygiene, The Basic Steps We Take In Our Kitchen…

Basic Food Hygiene is a mandatory requirement when working in a commercial kitchen and when working from home, the principles should be the same.

Here are some basic guidelines….

– Tie hair back and away from your face

– Wash your hands!  We use an antibacterial hand wash and dry them with a clean towel
– To wash: run under warm water and apply soap.  Run hands together to form a lather and be sure to rub areas in between fingers, around your             thumbs and knuckles, over your palms and on the top of your hands.  Wash up to your wrist and wash for 20 seconds or more.  Rinse and dry with  a clean towel.

– Clean work surfaces with a minimum of hot soapy water or preferably with a sanitiser / anti bac spray

– Wear protective clothing and at home this would be a clean apron.  The reason for this is twofold…

  1. Any dirt or debris from personal clothing will not cross contaminate the food
  2. Personal clothing is protected from splashes

– Wash fruit and vegetables before preparing.  This is to prevent microbes transferring from the outside of the produce to the inside or to the board.

– Handle sharp knives with care.  Use different knives for cooked and raw foods and wash in between use

– Use different boards for cooked and raw foods and wash in between use

– When using the hob, always have handles facing inwards to avoid an accident

– When using an oven, always use a dry mitt to place and remove items

– Wash all cooking utensils in hot soapy water. Wash the vegetables and fruit utensils first, then cooked food prep utensils, then raw prep utensils last. Change the water in between each group of utensils if possible.

– Keep all food at safe temperatures….
– Store chilled foods below 5 degrees when bacteria is dormant
– When heating food, keep above 63 degrees when most food poisoning bacteria is killed.  The hotter the heat that is applied, the less time it takes to kill bacteria!
– Food held at 8 degrees – 63 degrees are considered in the danger zone and should be at this temperature for the shortest time possible – ideally less than 2 hours!


Please always follow these basic guidelines to ensure a good level of food hygiene.